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His assistant brought him and Susu a chair while Karen remained standing. Susu recognized the front page of the portfolio instantly and flipped through the pages while accurately pointing at where her initials laid hidden behind the designs. While roaming through different designs, she also pointed out the different resources she's used or seen before and pulled it up on her phone.


After washing the cup, he carried his big bun and tucked her in bed. Instead of joining her, he sat by her feet and started warming them up with his hands before massaging them little by little. He knew certain acupuncture points that could help with relaxing the body and making it more comfortable for people to sleep.


"Oh. If it wasn't anything that important, don't call me to interrupt my business. I'm so tired today, so I'll head straight to bed. I'll skip dinner." He walked up to the master bedroom and didn't detect the slightest change in his wife's mood.


While Lin Que and Chen Mu were bombarded by messages from different group chats, their hands were occupied with massaging Susu's arm. To be exact, Chen Mu was massaging her arm, and Lin Que was working with his fingers.


Seeing the response made her smile subconsciously. She forgot when the last time was when she smiled like this. The heaviness in her chest also lightened after Susu accepted her and her grandfather.


"Actually, this infusion is done already. It's already time for the next infusion. You must have had a great time with your friends, so time passed by fast for you." Kitty's hands shook slightly when she heard Susu's inquiries. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

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The contestants and judges let out a loud gasp at the same time while Karen refuted all accusations. She almost lost her balance when Susu said that she could prove that the design was all hers. "Faker! You're just jealous that I could design something as beautiful as this!"


"Gahhh!!!!!" She wiped the sauce off her lap and shrieked as she tried standing up. When Lin Que saw her reaction, he signaled the waiter to pour everything on her at once. Lin Que covered Lily and stepped backwards to make sure she wouldn't get a single stain on her body. The crowd saw the nasty scene coming up, so they moved away to a distance where they wouldn't get dirty.


Quickly, she set a timer for 25 minutes to make sure that she doesn't lose track of time. While walking around the lab and looking through different files, she couldn't find anything related to Shen Wen. "That's odd..wait. She's still outside right now, so that means either she is waiting for a report...or she's waiting for someone to write up a report. She had that container in her hand..hmmm"


"Susu, it's daddy. We've decided to have a family celebration for you and Karen's birthday at Grandoise restaurant. The address is 140 Stroy Street and dinner begins at 6:30. We're all hoping to see you there."


Staring deeply into each other's eyes, joyous smiles broke into silly giggles as they observed each other's facial features. With her right hand, she traced his hairline before combing the few strands of hair that were blocking his face away. Her lips parted slightly, looking extra inviting as her palm traced down to his chest feeling his heart dancing the Tango similar to hers.


The middle-aged nurse didn't respond to Leader Rong's question. Instead, she reached into her kit and took out a new pair of surgical gloves. After she inspected the whip slashes on his back, she covered the deep wounds with swabs of alcohol. The scent of disinfectant mixed with the iron taste in the room as she sanitized his opened wounds.


Seeing her sleeping so comfortably, he didn't have the heart to wake her. Therefore, he decided to take his laptop and sit on the small empty space on the couch between the petite figure and the floor so that he could concentrate on two tasks. The first task was to keep his girlfriend from rolling off the couch because she was barely an inch from falling and any movements could wake her up. The second was to look for lunch options so that she would not starve when she wakes up.



After minutes of torture, Shen Qi pulled the net back up from the ocean. "Damn! Why is he so fucking heavy? What is this? Did we catch a huge tuna fish or something? Arghh!! How come this guy feels like he got much heavier when he's dead than alive?" Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.



"Not sure. A friend gift it to me." Her answer was honest and straightforward. Of course, Karen wouldn't back down just like that. Karen thought that Susu's brand was extremely unknown that she had found her weakness. 'How could I let you slide just from responding that you don't know?'


When Lily looked confused, she would demonstrate or hold Lily's hand while doing it and then let her try it on her own. Finally, after chopping everything to slices and pieces, they were ready to wash the fresh crabs. They had both live and dead crabs because Lily wanted to try killing the crab herself. If she ends up failing to kill the crab, then she would just steam the dead ones and mix some sauce to go with it.


He released her legs and kissed her deeply as she had her second climax. Sounds of flesh slapping flesh could be heard along with sensual moans as his penis enlarged; getting ready to ejaculation.

  • "Hah! Friendship and business do not mix. And plus, using friendship to gain advantages over business is not something I tolerate. Plus, they said some pretty petty things that got on my nerves. So, why not do them a favor and do as they say?" Chen Ting may seem friendly on the surface, but once angered; he could be as fierce as a dragon's fire breath.
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